Collateral Murder, oil painting

Collateral Murder, oil painting. look. act. oilpainting

02:50 Oh Yeah! Torch all of them from 2:52
Come on!
02:57 More shooting shooting, more shooting
03:46 Yes, we have a guy rumkriechen
03:51 We shoot a bit further 04:31 Oh yeah, check out these bastards dead at 4:36
04:47 Geiler shot.
04:48 Yeah! Thank you. 07:36
they collect the wounded one?
07:41 Come on, let’s shoot!
10:56 I think we have all folded.
10:58 That’s right, good thing.
10:59 This is Hotel Two-Six talks.
13:06 Looks like a child. “Over”
13:23 See that big pile of corpses, right, on the corner?
13:24 Yeah, right here.
18:18 Bushmaster Bushmaster Six-Seven
18:29 I think they’re just about a dead body down
18:31 Hey hey!
18:32 Yeah! Untitled

Oil Painting Collateral Murder

oil painting no.1540
Date: 2011
Measure: 80 x 60 cm
Christian Seebauer – Germany

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